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Destini Launches Dynamic Product Availability Short-Links Service With Real-Time Media Conversion Tracking

(Chicago, IL – March 22, 2018) Destini, the leading product locator solution for CPG brands across the U.S. & Canada, has acquired Close.by as the consumer-facing domain for its new dynamic product-availability link service. Protected by two patents that Destini acquired in January 2018, the new Close.by Links service allows brands to create vanity URLs that provide consumers with geo-targeted store results for one or more products with a single click.


The new Close.by Links service increases the reach of Destini’s product locator solution, empowering brands to bring accurate product-availability data to their consumers across any digital channel, including email campaigns and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. These links can also power a brand’s banner advertising and ad campaigns on Facebook and Google. With unlimited link creation and a usage-based pricing model (in which brands only pay for earned consumer clicks), brands can leverage strategic A/B testing and product searches as critical measures of intent-to-purchase and conversion across both brick-and-mortar and online retailers.


“With the addition of Close.by Links, we’re giving wings to our flagship locator solution, providing brands with the visibility they need into how digital marketing efforts move customers down the path to purchase,” said Destini CEO, David Navama. “We’re setting a new standard, whereby consumers should now expect the instant gratification of finding every product-related post has a link delivering that product’s nearest location to the consumer or, as our new service will read, to find it Close.by.”
Destini unveiled its new Close.by Links service to select brands in early March at Natural Products EXPO West in Anaheim, California and in just the last two weeks has successfully launched the service for dozens of regional and national brands.


About Destini

Destini is the leading product locator solution across the U.S. and Canada for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. It has developed the largest centralized product-availability database in the United States, connecting data from over 100,000 retail locations and allowing brands to help their customers search for any product, flavor, or size and locate both local brick-and-mortar or online retailers for purchase. Today, Destini offers a variety of data-driven sales and marketing solutions to help brands connect consumers to their products and manage store-level performance. To learn more, visit www.destini.co or schedule a live demo.



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