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Destini Launches Destini Signals, the Largest Cross-Channel, Store-Level Sales Intelligence Solution in the Industry

(Chicago, IL – June 19, 2018) Destini, the leading product-locator solution for CPG brands across the U.S. and Canada, has expanded its portfolio to include weekly store-level sales performance insights across 150+ retail accounts, representing coverage of 25,000+ locations as part of its new product, Destini Signals.

The launch of Destini Signals offers CPG brands the most comprehensive and dynamic store-level data platform in the industry, leveraging the largest aggregate store-level database in North America to connect consumers to product in store and provide marketers and sales teams with advanced reporting on account-level and regional performance, along with active void and opportunity monitoring. Destini’s proprietary algorithms enable personalized alerts or “Signals” to proactively deliver account- and store-level performance insights and opportunities as they are identified.

“The launch of Destini Signals represents a significant milestone, redefining Destini’s commitment to driving measurable sales growth for our clients,” said Destini’s founder and CEO, David Navama. “Since Destini’s beginning, we’ve been fixated on centralizing the largest store-level sales database in the world and developing innovative growth applications and services. We now play an integral role in helping brands manage their sales, opportunities, and execution at the retail-account level. Destini Signals is the first solution of its kind, delivering a unique combination of personalized application workflow design; our unmatched frequency; our proprietary cross-channel, store-level database; and our product’s affordability.”

Since its inception, Destini has grown from connecting consumers to products at retail to incorporating patented geo-location technology to offering leading-edge retail performance intelligence. Destini Signals is the first of several upcoming product launches within Destini’s 2018 roadmap.
About Destini

Destini is the leading cross-channel store-level data product locator and intelligence solution across the U.S. and Canada for the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) industry. Founded in 2012, Destini developed the largest centralized product availability database in the U.S., connecting data from over 100,000+ retail locators to allow brand customers to search for any product and locate it at a local store or online retailer for purchase. Today, Destini offers a variety of data-driven sales and marketing solutions to help brands more effectively connect consumers to their products and manage their store-level performance. Visit www.destini.co or schedule a live demo to learn more.

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