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SPINS policy insights - the debate about non-dairy "milk"

SPINS Policy Insights: Non Dairy “Milk”

In this edition of SPINS Policy Insights, we examine the debate surrounding use of the word milk for plant-based beverages. Read on to learn what’s happening today in regulatory updates, plus take a peek at the top five hottest Product Types in the plant-based milk segment! Fill...

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SPINS policy insights- clean water

Policy Insights: Clean Water

Despite decades-long environmental campaigns yielding federal response in the 1970’s,clean water regulations have been met with broad political and farmer resistance, stifling progress. However, where federal progress suffers backlash, some states and companies are taking remedies into their own hands by settling pollution reduction targets...

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SPINS policy insights - added sugars

Policy Insights: Added Sugars

Added sugars have flooded the American diet and have become this decade’s most warned-against nutrient. As U.S. obesity rates sky-rocketed from 12% of the population in 1990 to well over a third of adult Americans in 2012, health care professionals look to policymakers, regulators and...

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SPINS policy insights - GMOs

Policy Insights: GMOS

The role of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the American food supply is widely debated among consumers, health professionals, environmentalists, manufacturers, and producers. SPINS examines GMOs: what they are, why they’re debated, what’s happening with labeling laws today, and what we know about consumer trends in SPINS...

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SPINS policy Insights - domestic fair trade & worker rights

Policy Insights: Domestic Fair Trade

Almost any handpicked crop runs the risk of worker exploitation, which is happening on farms around the world and in our backyard. The momentum for food system transparency is drawing attention to workers picking domestic crops in the United States. Human and worker rights is an important...

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