SPINS Top 10 Trend Predictions for 2018

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CHICAGO – January 5 – SPINS®, the industry-leading source in health & wellness retail intelligence, providing retailers and brands actionable insights, activation tools, and product transparency to improve the lives of consumers, releases its Top 10 Trend Predictions for 2018. From key nutrients (for people and pets alike) to special diets to sustainable innovations, here’s … Read more SPINS Top 10 Trend Predictions for 2018

Compellon Forms Advisory Board to Inform Its Development of Novel Prescriptive Analytics Technology

Compellon™, the developer of breakthrough prescriptive analytics, has announced the formation of an Advisory Board to guide the development of marketing applications utilizing its platform technology, Compellon 20|20. Representing broad marketing expertise, SPINS Senior Director of Advanced Analytics Research and Services Debbie Samuels joins the board as one of its first three members!

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How do Meal Replacements Stand Out?

Successful meal replacements go beyond maintaining healthy body composition by addressing the need for personalized nutrition. How do they stand out to cater to a growing variety of consumer health concerns? SPINS’ natural and specialty product expert Kim Kawa discusses the ingredient profiles, health focus and label claims that are helping to differentiate these products in the market.

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Legacy Proteins: Redefining Standards in a Changing Market

SPINS’ natural and specialty product expert Veronica Eckl explores the legacy proteins such as soy, rice, whey and meat that have previously shouldered the weight of criticism, yet are making a comeback as higher-quality, allergy-friendly options through enhanced manufacturing and production efforts. Their comeback puts a new spin on not only the variety of products on the shelf that are available for supplementation, but it also brings questions about the treatment of protein manufacturing to the table when discussing quality.

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As Consumer Interest Grows, Brewers Explore Non-GMO Certifications

The Non-GMO Project has seen “tremendous growth” in its verification in the beer, wine and spirits category. Quoted from his growing arsenal of SPINS blog pieces, SPINS analyst and in-house brew expert Gerald Oksanen reiterates the point and makes light of the growth of Non GMO beers in conjunction with the increasing importance of the certification across the industry.

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