Policy Insights: Added Sugars

SPINS policy insights - added sugars

Added sugars have flooded the American diet and have become this decade’s most warned-against nutrient. As U.S. obesity rates sky-rocketed from 12% of the population in 1990 to well over a third of adult Americans in 2012, health care professionals look to policymakers, regulators and educators to help set the bar. One such step can … Read morePolicy Insights: Added Sugars

Vibrancy at Work: Staying Hydrated with SPINS’ Wellness Director


Chicago’s heat has peaked in the 90s several times this summer. A vibrant lifestyle requires proper hydration whether biking around town, strolling the river walk, or keeping optimal attention at work. So what do we know about health, hydration, and shopper preferences from SPINS data? We’ll take a look at these topics and offer a … Read moreVibrancy at Work: Staying Hydrated with SPINS’ Wellness Director

Clean Label Concepts at IFT2016

Trade show floor aerial shot

The Institute for Food Technology’s annual symposium convenes a diverse group of academic, industrial, and regulatory experts from the food science field. This year, I had the pleasure of attending the IFT conference in Chicago and looked forward to a session on Trends and Ingredient Solutions for Clean Label/Non-GM Sweeteners. One of the session’s speakers … Read moreClean Label Concepts at IFT2016

Serve-a-thon 2016: Inspiring Vibrancy with Chicago Cares

SPINS employees at serve-a-thon 2016

SPINS recently took a hands-on approach to affect positive change in our community. We rallied a team from SPINS along with our loved ones to volunteer in the 2016 Chicago Cares Serve-a-thon. We joined over 5,000 volunteers to spend the day building, painting, and planting to restore and revitalize community spaces throughout Chicago. SPINS’ dedicated … Read moreServe-a-thon 2016: Inspiring Vibrancy with Chicago Cares

Policy Insights: GMOS

SPINS policy insights - GMOs

The role of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the American food supply is widely debated among consumers, health professionals, environmentalists, manufacturers, and producers. SPINS examines GMOs: what they are, why they’re debated, what’s happening with labeling laws today, and what we know about consumer trends in SPINS data. Fill out the form below to access … Read morePolicy Insights: GMOS

Pea-lieve It or Not: The Rise of Pea Protein

peas in a pill capsule

Michelle Fox Senior Manager, Brand Growth Solutions There’s been plenty of news about protein over the past few years. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the average American male consumes 102 grams of protein per day, while the average female consumes about 70 grams. Protein consumption is reflected in retail data; in … Read morePea-lieve It or Not: The Rise of Pea Protein

No Small Feat: How a Local Food Conference Drives Big Change

SPINS finds inspiration all over the country in artisanal makers, culinary champions, and food activists, but it’s a special treat to find this experience near our headquarters in Chicago. Last month, our neighbors and partners at Family Farmed exhibited the 12th annual Good Food Festival and Conference, a three day affair showcasing and promoting the … Read moreNo Small Feat: How a Local Food Conference Drives Big Change

KeHE Becomes First B-Corp Certified Distributor in US

Ask an average person, “when is the right time to do a good deed?” and “all the time” tends to be the answer. But in the case of corporate citizenship, the bar is generally set much lower. Deeds and policies that promote the common good without regard to commercial success are uncommon among for-profit companies. … Read moreKeHE Becomes First B-Corp Certified Distributor in US

Betting Big on HPP


Michelle Fox Senior Manager, Brand Growth Solutions As consumers seek ingredient transparency, manufacturers have begun to respond by sharing more details on where ingredients come from, how they are processed and ultimately packaged to reach the end products that we see on store shelves. Typically during the manufacturing process, refrigerated packaged products are heated to … Read moreBetting Big on HPP

Cold Brew Coffee on the Rise


Michelle Fox Senior Manager, Brand Growth Solutions In Chicago, the outdoor farmers markets are winding down, the leaves have begun to change and fall is in full swing.  With autumn’s crispness in the air, it’s a great time to reflect on the sweltering, muggy and seemingly-all-too-short summer. It’s hard to pinpoint whether it was the … Read moreCold Brew Coffee on the Rise