The Evolution of Snacking

SPINS trend watch - the evolution of snacking

As a $72 billion segment in the US with 2.5% sales growth in the last year, snacks outpace the rate of growth of the total food and beverage market by 150%. Read on for macro trends as well as SPINS’ top picks from the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2016! Fill out the form below to … Read moreThe Evolution of Snacking

The Healthy & Natural Show Recap

SPINS show recap - the healthy & natural show

In addition to a trade show hall replete with new product launches and exciting local and national brands, the first annual Healthy & Natural Show in Chicago also featured three days of educational programming, including sessions led by SPINS’ own Kora Lazarski and David Winter. Learn more about SPINS’ talks at the show, plus a … Read moreThe Healthy & Natural Show Recap

Policy Insights: Clean Water

SPINS policy insights- clean water

Despite decades-long environmental campaigns yielding federal response in the 1970’s,clean water regulations have been met with broad political and farmer resistance, stifling progress. However, where federal progress suffers backlash, some states and companies are taking remedies into their own hands by settling pollution reduction targets and bring agricultural acreage under standards and practices that mitigate … Read morePolicy Insights: Clean Water

October is Non-GMO Month

October is non gmo month

The Natural and Organic industry promotes ideologies and practices that hearken back to the days of yore – heirloom varieties, crop rotation, non-persistent pesticides & herbicides, and complete exclusion of GMO seed to name a few. Today, innovative brands are providing health and wellness options by merging these traditions with renewed understanding of relationships between … Read moreOctober is Non-GMO Month

Plant-Based Nutrition

SPINS trend watch - plant-based nutrition

Plant-based nutrition is a key pillar of the natural and organic industry. Mismanagement of the food system, namely livestock agriculture, has led to the rise of vegetarians and an ever more devout vegan subset. However, simply removing meat and dairy from packaged foods doesn’t nip high-sugar, fat, or sodium intake in the bud – existing … Read morePlant-Based Nutrition

Policy Insights: Added Sugars

SPINS policy insights - added sugars

Added sugars have flooded the American diet and have become this decade’s most warned-against nutrient. As U.S. obesity rates sky-rocketed from 12% of the population in 1990 to well over a third of adult Americans in 2012, health care professionals look to policymakers, regulators and educators to help set the bar. One such step can … Read morePolicy Insights: Added Sugars

SPINS’ Kora Lazarski to Speak at the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference

Chicago – September 26, 2016 – From September 27-28, decision makers and leaders of the cosmetic industry will convene for the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference in Berlin, Germany. Top issues facing the industry, such as the growing demand for both natural and high-tech products in the digital and stationary venues of today’s marketplace, will … Read moreSPINS’ Kora Lazarski to Speak at the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference

SPINS Names Lisa Grudzinski to New VP of Retail Development Role

Chicago – September 19, 2016 –SPINS, the leading provider of retail consumer insights, analytics and consulting for the natural, organic, and specialty products industry, announces the appointment of Lisa Grudzinski to a new Vice President Retail Development role. The creation of the position and Grudzinski’s placement both serve to deepen and renew SPINS’ investment in … Read moreSPINS Names Lisa Grudzinski to New VP of Retail Development Role

Biodynamic Certification Webinar

Demeter biodynamic certification logo

According to SPINS’ newest certifier partner Demeter USA, Biodynamic agriculture will represent 100,000 acres in the U.S. within the next 10 years, and there will be thousands of Biodynamic® products available in stores. But what is Biodynamic? Join Demeter USA and SPINS to learn what Biodynamic means and why we’re proud to add this certification … Read moreBiodynamic Certification Webinar

Webinar: New Nutrition Facts Labeling


Recently the US Food & Drug Administration released new regulations that will require all manufacturers, retailers of private label products to re-label products over the next two years. This will apply to all packaged goods. SPINS’ webinar guides you through the policy and regulatory landscape and identifies the key changes your organization should be considering. … Read moreWebinar: New Nutrition Facts Labeling