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NOW Foods Factory Tour

Local to our SPINS headquarters, the Product Library team recently tapped into our natural and organic senses and embarked on Chicago tours not found in your typical guidebooks - well, except for that exceptional craft brewery! This two-part serial features debut contributions from a few...

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A New Kind of Health Fair in Pleasanton

The saying goes that, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and in today’s connected world we know that a multi-faceted approach to health is necessary for holistic community wellness. For that reason, it was a joy to have recently worked at the intersections...

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SPINS trend watch grain free

Trendwatch: Grain Free

It’s been nearly a decade since the gluten free trend hit its stride and a growing number of consumers began turning their backs on wheat, barley, rye and easily cross-contaminated oats, setting the stage for broader grain scrutiny. While grains continue to be a staple...

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Getting Cultured on the Kombucha Craze

Michelle Fox Senior Manager, Brand Growth Solutions “What IS that?!” Exclaim the majority of people who enter my kitchen. It’s a near guarantee as soon as their eyes glance over to the glass jar with the floating discs and hanging strands. As they lean in to get a closer...

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Specialty Gourmet Supermarket Revenue tops $18B

CHICAGO, IL June 30, 2015 – Led by high profile retailers such as The Fresh Market and Mariano’s, Specialty Gourmet supermarkets are making headway, now representing over $18B in sales.  New data from SPINS, the only information provider to deliver and report insights into the burgeoning...

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US capital building

Organic Trade Association Capitol Hill Visit

Last month, as Manger of Policy at SPINS, with Product Library Director, Susanna Ghaemi, I had the opportunity to participate in a day of Capitol Hill visits on behalf of the Organic Trade Association (OTA). What an experience! What probably should not have been surprising,...

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SPINS policy Insights - domestic fair trade & worker rights

Policy Insights: Domestic Fair Trade

Almost any handpicked crop runs the risk of worker exploitation, which is happening on farms around the world and in our backyard. The momentum for food system transparency is drawing attention to workers picking domestic crops in the United States. Human and worker rights is an important...

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