SPINS and Natural Grocers Announce Newly Expanded Partnership

CHICAGO, IL – October 21, 2015 — SPINS, the leading information and service provider for the natural & specialty products industry, and Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Inc., a rapidly expanding specialty retailer of natural and organic groceries and dietary supplements, today announced an expanded long-term partnership to continue to collaboratively support the success of … Read more SPINS and Natural Grocers Announce Newly Expanded Partnership

Legacy Proteins: Redefining Standards in a Changing Market

SPINS’ natural and specialty product expert Veronica Eckl explores the legacy proteins such as soy, rice, whey and meat that have previously shouldered the weight of criticism, yet are making a comeback as higher-quality, allergy-friendly options through enhanced manufacturing and production efforts. Their comeback puts a new spin on not only the variety of products on the shelf that are available for supplementation, but it also brings questions about the treatment of protein manufacturing to the table when discussing quality.

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Expo East 2015 Recap

SPINS 2015 expo east trend watch

Expo East was evidence that the pulse of the natural industry continues to stay true to its innate core. SPINS’ Product Library Director Susanna Ghaemi explores the new category introductions, spillover trends, and ingredient spotlights on this year’s showfloor. (As always, our recap has lots of content – we appreciate your patience as it loads!) … Read more Expo East 2015 Recap

Method Factory and Lagunitas Brewery Tours

Part II of the Product Library Team’s industry education coupled with internal group collaboration took us on two more Chicago area excursions. Rachel takes us through the greening and community building ethos of Method factory, while Alison provides the recipe for a relaxing craft beer sampling at Lagunitas Brewery Rachel Kirchner – Method factory tour; … Read more Method Factory and Lagunitas Brewery Tours

As Consumer Interest Grows, Brewers Explore Non-GMO Certifications

The Non-GMO Project has seen “tremendous growth” in its verification in the beer, wine and spirits category. Quoted from his growing arsenal of SPINS blog pieces, SPINS analyst and in-house brew expert Gerald Oksanen reiterates the point and makes light of the growth of Non GMO beers in conjunction with the increasing importance of the certification across the industry.

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A New Kind of Health Fair in Pleasanton

organic products on a table

The saying goes that, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and in today’s connected world we know that a multi-faceted approach to health is necessary for holistic community wellness. For that reason, it was a joy to have recently worked at the intersections of education, food, medicine and local government collaborating to raise … Read more A New Kind of Health Fair in Pleasanton

Trendwatch: Grain Free

SPINS trend watch grain free

It’s been nearly a decade since the gluten free trend hit its stride and a growing number of consumers began turning their backs on wheat, barley, rye and easily cross-contaminated oats, setting the stage for broader grain scrutiny. While grains continue to be a staple for many cultures and cuisines throughout the world, some consumers … Read more Trendwatch: Grain Free