5 Chicago-Based Brands for the Perfect Summer Day

Chicago is a bustling hub for the natural products industry, so look no further than your own backyard (or the market down the street) to find some of the freshest, most innovative brands in the country! Check out these 5 brands to add to your grocery list this week.

1. Bright Farms

Photo courtesy of @brightfarms, Instagram


WHY: BrightFarms gives more people access to the freshest, tastiest, cleanest, most responsibly grown produce available. Their Illinois greenhouse produces one million pounds of produce per year!

WHERE CAN I BUY: Mariano’s Fresh Market, Caputo’s, & other local retailers

2. Aspire Healthy Energy Brands

Photo courtesy of @aspiredrinks_usa Instagram

WHY: Aspire is the healthy energy drink that gives you the energy & focus to live the life you love. No sugar. No carbs. No calories.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Sunset Foods & other local retailers

3. Niloofar

Photo courtesy of @niloofarmix, Instagram

WHY: Niloofar introduces authentic Persian cuisine by way of modern,  delicious variations of trail mix and almonds.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Goddess and the Grocer, Beatrix Market, Plum Market, Local Foods, Olivia's Market, Dill Pickle Co-op, & other local retailers

4. Phoenix Bean

Photo courtesy of @PhoenixBeanTofu, Instagram

WHY: Phoenix Bean (creators of Jenny’s Tofu!) offers non-GMO organically grown tofu products thar are fresh, local, and artisan-crafted.

WHERE CAN I BUY: HarvesTime Foods, Dill Pickle Co-op, Foodsmart Urban Market, Morse Fresh Market, Provisions Uptown, Olivia’s Market, Hyde Park Produce, Sunset Foods, Sugar Beet Co-op, & other local retailers

5. Big Shoulders Coffee

Photo courtesy of @bigshoulderscoffee, Instagram

WHY: Big Shoulders is Chicago’s fresh-roasted, no-nonsense, artisan coffee brewed with down-to-the-second precision.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Plum Market & other local retailers

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