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10 Healthy Happy Hour Necessities

The alcoholic and alcohol-inspired beverage category is ripe with innovation, from hard coffee and kombucha to spiritless cocktails to mixers and more. The next time you are looking to indulge in an adult beverage, consider these 9 better-for-you brands.

1. Straightaway

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Straightaway makes both classic and lesser-known spirited and balanced cocktails with ingredients of the best grade--bottled and canned for your effortless enjoyment.

2. Hella Cocktail Co.

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Hella Cocktail Co. is a mixology company providing mixers, bitters, and sodas crafted with integrity for everyone who wants to taste and know more.

3. JuneShine

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Brewed with real organic ingredients, JuneShine’s gluten-free hard kombucha will bring you back to summer with one sip.

4. Ritual Zero Proof

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The highest rated spirit alternative in the world, Ritual Zero Proof, lets you enjoy the ritual, without the alcohol.

5. Café Agave

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The original spiked cold brew coffee! Café Agave is a 12.5% ABV ready-to-drink craft cocktail, made with gourmet arabica coffee and infused with agave.

6. Navy Hill

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Soda and tonic, together at last! Female-founded Navy Hill offers low-sugar, better-for-you mixers with electrolytes to make your favorite cocktail even more refreshing

7. Boochcraft

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Boochcraft hard kombucha sources their fruit directly from organic farms, is preservative-free, and promotes sustainability so you can feel good about sipping.

8. Spiritless

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Spiritless offers Kentucky 74, a distilled non-alcoholic spirit to support conscientious cocktailers who want to live fully but drink differently.

9. Q Mixers

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Q Mixers uses less sweet, real ingredients to create their perfectly carbonated premium mixers. From tonic to ginger beer, they’ve got your cocktail needs covered.

10. Nova Easy Kombucha

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Naturally fermented to 6%, Nova Easy Kombucha was created to help you have fun and live easy.