Deal Sourcing Solutions

Discover and track investment opportunities using SPINS’ proprietary insights and data with the Investment Insights Suite

Find Disruptive Categories

Establish your macro category investment strategy based on identifying trends and disruptive categories.

Analyze performance of an individual brand

View and attribute-rich brand profile that provides a snapshot of cross-channel brand performance.

Identify Brands of Interest

Apply your investment criteria against SPINS’ entire database to find brands that fit.

Monitor Portfolios & Brands of Interest

Set up a watch list of high-potential brands and for your existing portfolio.

Due Diligence Services

As investors assess the investment opportunity, SPINS provides reports for deeper analysis into brands, retailers, and attributes. SPINS also offers investors due diligence services through a team of brand strategy, consumer, and industry experts.

Reporting Solutions

Having identified a brand of interest, SPINS Deep Dive Reports provide a granular view into the underlying dynamics of the category

Item Level Detail

Attribute Rich Insights

Regional Performance Data

Key Account Data

72 Measures Available

Excel Pivot Table File Format

Consulting Solutions

Work with SPINS experts to navigate the details imperative to the long-term health of your brand

Category Due Diligence

Provide a structured view of the U.S. [____] Category across all major channels — Natural, Specialty, and Conventional. Understand the major dynamics underlying category performance — Brands, Trends, Channels, Retailers, etc.

Brand Due Diligence

Compare the performance of target brand versus the overall category and top competitor(s). Use bench-marking to diagnose brand health and opportunities for improvement.

Consumer Due Diligence

Compare the buyers of Target Brand vs. Category vs. Competitive set to understand the degree to which they either directly compete for the same shopper or complement each other by attracting different types of shoppers.

Portfolio Brand Growth

SPINS provides unique value to portfolio companies, and each portfolio brand receives the attention and solutions it needs.

Brand Contracts

SPINS is proud to invest in our partners who invest in us. As your partnership with SPINS grows, we’ll offer you greater discounts on our work together.

  • Utilize SPINS’ BI Solution SATORI for your market and store insights reporting.
  • Digital applications focused on product locators, brand scorecards, and consumer engagement and loyalty.
  • Designed to recognize and reward cumulative spend of the investor and the investor’s portfolio

Consulting Solutions

Work with SPINS experts to navigate the details imperative to the long-term health of your brand

  • 100 day growth plan

Trade Show Solution

Research brands live on the trade show floor
  • Lookup brands based on Exhibitor name or Booth number
  • Understand brand make-up: channel mix, category mix
  • View brand performance: 3Yr sales trend, By channel
  • Favorite brands of high interest for further analysis
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