SPINS Builds Data-Driven Solutions to Help Investors Source and Grow Winning Consumer Brands

Deal Sourcing Solutions

Discover and track investment opportunities using SPINS’ proprietary insights and data.

Due Diligence Solutions

Work with SPINS experts to navigate the details imperative to the long-term health of your brand

Portfolio Support Solutions

White glove service to ensure data contracts are aligned with brand growth strategy

Mobile Solutions

On-demand performance data in your pocket for Fancy Foods and Expo West

Let Data Guide Your Deal Sourcing Solutions

Gain a competitive edge by having unparalleled access to POS data across the entire U.S. Retail market to discover and track investment opportunities.

With SPINS proprietary business intelligence tools – Investment Insights Suite – investors can:
Find Disruptive Categories

Establish your macro category investment strategy based on identifying trends and disruptive categories.

Identify Brands of Interest

Apply your investment criteria against SPINS' entire database to brands that fit.

Analyze Performance of an Individual Brand

View an attribute rich brand profile that provides a snapshot of cross-channel brand performance.

Monitor Portfolios & Brands of Interest

Set up watch lists of prospective brands and your existing portfolio.

Gain a Competitive Edge When Conducting Due Diligence

Leverage SPINS panoramic view of retail, best-in-class Product Library, and consumer panel data to assess investment opportunities.

Having identified a brand of interest, SPINS Deep Dive Reports provide a granular view into the underlying dynamics of the category

Item Level Detail

Key Account Data

Regional Performance Data

Attribute Rich Insights

72 Measures Available

Excel Pivot Table File Format

Work with SPINS experts to navigate the details imperative to the long-term health of your brand

Category Due Diligence

Provide a structured view of the U.S. [____] Category across all major channels — Natural, Specialty, and Conventional. Understand the major dynamics underlying category performance — Brands, Trends, Channels, Retailers, etc.

Brand Due Diligence

Compare the performance of target brand versus the overall category and top competitor(s). Use bench-marking to diagnose brand health and opportunities for improvement.

Consumer Due Diligence

Compare the buyers of Target Brand vs. Category vs. Competitive set to understand the degree to which they either directly compete for the same shopper or complement each other by attracting different types of shoppers.

Portfolio Support Solutions

SPINS ensures your portfolio brands receives the attention and solution it needs across every phase of their growth journey

100 Day Growth Plan

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Maximize Data

Lean on SPINS experts to learn how to maximize value of your data.

Retailer Strategy

Develop a retailer strategy to take your brand national.

Use Tools Independently

After leveraging SPINS resources become an expert in self-service discovery tools.


Stay competitive in the evolving marketplace...

SPINS Mobile Insights App

Accomplish your business development goals and get the most out of your trade show.

Research brands live on the trade show floor

Search by brand, company, or booth number, and instantly review retail performance and sales trends.

Access key insights and metrics

Arm yourself with insights on the health and make-up of attending brands including category mix data, channel mix data, and a brand's 3-year trajectory.

Save Photos, Notes, and Favorites!

Snap and save photos plus enter reminder notes for any brand at the trade show. You can also ``favorite`` any brand for quick access later on.


Let Data Guide Your Investment Decisions

Learn how you can begin discovering and tracking investment opportunities using SPINS’ proprietary insights and data.