Consistent Insights into Promotional Performance

Available to all participating brands of NCG’s Co+op Deals

Promotional Recap

Includes base volume, incremental volume, lift and trend based on the actual UPCs you promote in Co+op Deals.

Topline Key Account Data

Snapshot of your brand’s topline performance at NCG in each subcategory for the UPCs on promotion including brand rank, share and performance in each subcategory impacted by a UPC in a Co+op Deals promotion

Regional Macro Trends

Identify impact across specific regions to know you're performing in certain markets.

Item Level Data

Receive rankings on your top, bottom, and new items selling in NCG stores based on dollar sales.

Registering for the Vendor Scorecard

NCG and SPINS will deliver Vendor Scorecards through a SPINS portal. Brands will need to set up an account with SPINS (quick and easy set up and no charge) in order to receive the Vendor Scorecard following a promotion. Once your brand sets up its account, it can automatically push Vendor Scorecards to users within the account via email.