New & Enhanced SPINScan Conventional Services (powered by IRI)

SPINSscan Conventional Retail Measurement Services Now Powered by IRI
POS Tracking and Reporting Solutions

Following the successful launch of our joint natural/organic consumer segmentation capability, SPINS is excited to announce an expanded relationship with IRI to encompass retail measurement in the conventional channels. The new SPINSscan Conventional service addresses the need for dynamic data, progressive solutions and expedited delivery to market. Coupled with the consumer analysis capability, it empowers clients and partners to accurately quantify natural/organic and specialty sales and clearly understand key purchase drivers of these products.

IRI is a global market research leader in delivering powerful market and shopper information, predictive analysis and innovative solutions for consumer, retail and over-the-counter healthcare companies. Using IRI’s industry compliant and accepted retail measurement POS data as a basis for SPINSscan Conventional reporting, highlights of the new service include:

• Reduced time to market
• Enhanced data elements like ACV facts at brand & category level and Improved organic private label reporting
• More timely reporting of new items
• Significantly more market breakouts across channels & accounts
• Addition of convenience channel & account coverage
• Expanded visibility to include conventional items selling outside the SPINS-defined NPI and SPL product universes




Access informational materials to help you understand more about the relationship and the positive impact it will have on your business. Simply leave us your contact details and you’ll have immediate access to FAQs, market maps and more.

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With so many exciting new changes to our Conventional services, you may have additional questions after tuning into the webinar and reviewing the related marketing materials.  Our team is available to provide clarity. Feel free to contact your SPINS rep, or call us at 312.276.6071 to be directed to a sales manager.


“We have found an innovative collaborator in IRI, with whom we will deliver comprehensive retail measurement solutions to better meet the needs of our growing industry.”

- Tony Olson, CEO, SPINS