Product Library

1.8 million unique UPC’s mapping out the trends and direction of the industry.

The SPINS Product library tracks over 1.8 million UPC’s to gain a clearer understanding of consumer purchasing trends

Our Subject Matter Experts Set The Standard

Each month, our team of Subject Matter Experts researches and codes approximately 8,000 new items, as well as tracks emerging trends to enhance the SPINS Product Library, the most comprehensive source of natural and specialty product information.

With extensive, industry-related backgrounds and professional experiences, the team offers insider knowledge and insights into the categorical trends, consumer concerns, sustainability issues and federal regulations that heavily impact consumer purchasing decisions. These core-green experts and food lovers define and manage our product hierarchy and coding, setting industry-wide adopted standards and practices.

The SPINS Product Library houses more than 1.8 million UPCs. Leverage our industry-relevant attribution to help you understand what drives consumer purchasing.


We code beyond the label: Brand positioning

In addition to coding for product attributes observable on a label, SPINS researches, defines, and codes attributes associated with natural, specialty and health & wellness products. Core natural products are referred to as the Natural Products Industry Universe (the NPI). Because not all natural products are created the same or to serve the same consumers, we code for four distinct natural segments to understand underlying market dynamics.

All of these chips are considered Natural… What’s the difference?


SPINS captures consumer tastes extending beyond just natural

Because health and wellness consumers also gravitate towards a number of products outside of the NPI, SPINS defines and codes for other products, including those that are considered Specialty.