Digital Receipts

Receive, save and organize all your receipts online
SPINS has joined forces with MyReceipts, the leading multi-merchant digital receipts platform that is currently live in a number of US retail stores and chains and is rapidly growing. MyReceipts aggregates receipts from participating merchants and presents them to consumers via web and mobile applications while eliminating the need to print and store paper receipts.
MyReceipts provides a vast opportunity for retailers to understand their customers and marketers to gain insights into shopping behavior and product preferences.
For SPINS retail partners, the service facilitates more personalized and effective communication with customers, helps stores reduce operating costs of receipt production, leverages consumer data and improves marketing efficiency – all while continuing to protect the privacy of their shoppers.
SPINS manufacturer clients will be able to access real-time information on consumer behavior relating to their brands and can create targeted marketing campaigns for their products. What’s more, they can send coupons, promotions and messages directly to consumers through the website.
Consumers access their receipts anytime in a secure online environment, track their spending, learn more about the products they buy, and receive special offers online, by email, or text message while maintaining privacy – all for free.