Strategic Partners.

How can a partnership with SPINS impact your business?

SPINS partners and collaborates with a variety of industry relevant businesses and organizations to reach our goal of a more Vibrant America

Our Strategic Partners

hands-plantWe work closely with leading researchers, trade associations, distributors and brokers, and certification organizations dedicated to the natural and organic products industry. We view these strong partnerships as an opportunity to promote knowledge sharing and to better support our clients, retail partners, consumers and the industry at large.

Certification Partners

Consumers today are seeking transparency and authenticity in the foods they purchase, and as a result, third party certification and labeling are on the rise. We partner with a growing number of the industry’s leading certifiers, working together to ensure that the products in our library are coded for the certifications and label claims that resonate with today’s shoppers.

SPINS has been a key strategic partner for the Non-GMO Project. Their on-going support has ensured that we have the information we need and the understanding to utilize it effectively.
Megan Westgate, Executive Director, Non-GMO Project

Distributors and Brokers

Numerous leading distributors and brokers of natural and organic products work jointly with SPINS to promote our reporting services for the Natural and Specialty Gourmet retail channels. These partners utilize SPINS’ information and expertise to better support their retailers and manufacturers, giving them increased insight into industry dynamics and consumer behavior.

Research Partners

We collaborate with numerous consumer research organizations to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics underlying the natural and specialty consumer’s purchasing decisions. Our partnerships with these recognized industry leaders allow us to leverage each others’ strengths and extend our areas of expertise to the broader consumer products marketplace.

Trade and Media Partners

SPINS information is cited regularly in industry publications and advertising, as well as in the mainstream media. We work closely with a number of publications and trade associations to support knowledge sharing within the natural and specialty products industry.