Introducing SATORI, SPINS’ new business intelligence solution.

Dynamic data and insights to make transformative discoveries.

SATORI intelligently presents solutions-oriented data that is relevant and contextual to you.

This intuitive platform empowers you to make confident, data-driven decisions leading to greater growth opportunities.

How is Satori changing the way brands and partners extract value out of their data?

Access all your SPINS data and reports from one entry point.

SATORI delivers SPINS’ complete suite of services through one web-based solution that is fully compatible across operating systems and browsers.

View dynamic data as you filter.

As you query SATORI, data immediately populates in your viewer and updates as filters and measures are applied. Results are instant, associative and let you see new connections and relationships across your data.

Gain instant insights through dashboards.

View category and key competitor information specific to your brand through multiple dashboards. SATORI’s dashboards feature charts and graphs that automatically populate to give you insights at-a-glance – without having to do a thing!

Build cross-channel custom reports.

Access aggregated, cross-retail channel data right within the solution, without having to export and manually sum totals. Your defined product and period groupings (i.e. dictionary items) also integrate seamlessly across channels and accounts.

Discover more with your SPINS data in SATORI.

New and enhanced features of the solution include:

  • Cross-Channel Reporting
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Interactive Analytics
  • Standard Dashboards
  • Standard Reports
  • Data Visualization
  • Customized Dashboards/Reports
  • Accessible Across Operating Systems



Understand your brand’s performance relative to that of the overall category and its leading brands.

SATORI’s dashboards are designed to provide instant insights and are easy to navigate without the need for training. The latest data automatically populates and charts. With a few simple clicks, dive deeper into the data to better understand the competitive dynamics within your category.


Standard Reports

Quickly access key data points to fuel intelligent business discussions and guide day-to-day strategic decisions.

From identifying what is or isn’t selling in specific accounts to evaluating promotional effectiveness and ROI, SATORI’s new suite of standard reports provides you with the answers that you need to make confident, fact-based decisions.


Custom Data Views

Create fully customized interactive reports driven by industry-relevant product attributes and measure sets.

Work smarter through new capabilities including cross-channel reporting, power search and filter, report sharing and user collaboration, multiple format export and data visualization.